Roslyn Broomfield

Roslyn Broomfield has been a member of PALS since the first Committee formed under Anne Kennedy in 1996.  Roslyn has now retired from teaching, but plans to always be an active member of PALS.  Roslyn contributes and offers support to our executive members  in appreciation of the excellent seminars that PALS  provides to help keep teachers informed about current educational policies, and appropriate  opportunities for children with special needs  and learning difficulties.  Roslyn began her career as a Primary Education teacher, but later enjoyed teaching students in SSP schools.  When she returned to primary education, Roslyn found that there were many students with learning difficulties in the mainstream that struggled because of lack of teacher expertise. In the SSP school environment, classes had been small in number, and there were always teacher aides to assist the main teacher in providing specialist programs and strategies to meet specific needs. Roslyn goal was to make a difference there.  Roslyn was also aware that teachers in the mainstream often struggled and were in need of resources and professional development which could help many of the students with their difficulties.  So, began Roslyn’s long association with PALS and the opportunities that the Association afforded, including the opportunity to make representations and submissions to public reviews and inquiries on behalf of teachers who specialise in working with students with special needs and learning disabilities.

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