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The following publications are recommended

Frequently used assessment tools.

Teaching Materials related to Reading e.g. Multi-Lit; Reading Freedom; Fast Forward; Heather Harvey Intensive Reading Program; Reading Eggs; Ants in the Apple. Teaching Materials related to Handwriting Teaching Materials related to Vocabulary Teaching Materials related to Pragmatic Language Development Teaching Materials related to Vision Support Teaching Materials related to Hearing Support Teaching Materials related to Maths etc. Reference Materials

Links to publishers and distributors e.g. Silvereye, Fox Education and Pro Ed.

Metaphors and Analogies Power Tools for Teaching Any Subject by Rick Wormeli 2009

Bringing Words to Life Robust Vocabulary Instruction by Isobal L.Beck,Margaret McKeown and Linda Kucan 2002

PALS took part in a Quality Teaching project on Effective Vocabulary Instruction. We prepared a CD on this for our members. A comprehensive list of books relating to this topic can be provided on request.

We also recommend the Response to Intervention framework. We can provide members  with list or resources in this area.

Explicit Instruction  – Effective and Efficient Teaching Anita L. Archer Charles A Hughes 2011 The Guildford Press

To access resources……….you just join and the books are delivered to you.   Sherlock Library