PALS Membership is open to all professionals who work in teaching and other specialist support roles related to learning. This includes class teachers; specialist teachers; speech pathologists, psychologists; occupational therapists and medical practitioners.


Membership includes

  • Access to all seminars, courses and programs run by PALS.
  • Reduced seminar, course & program fees.
  • Opportunity to network with like-minded professionals.
  • Optional publication of your professional details on PALS database.
  • News updates.
  • Media monitoring of articles related to education and Learning Support.
  • Representation in relation to public reviews and inquiries.
  • Opportunity to have input into the activities of the organisation through the communication with committee members.
  • Opportunity to be elected to represent positions on the PALS committee.

Why join PALS?

Being a Learning and Support Teacher, an itinerant teacher or a being a teacher who works with students with specific needs is a specialised role within a school that has its own set of challenges and demands. Whilst there are many associations that support teachers, students and parents we are the Association established to support teachers in these roles and to provide a network that responds to their needs. The strength of our Association is dependent on having a strong membership and a membership that is prepared to work collaboratively. Being a member of PALS is one way you can be part of a professional network.

We are your voice

In 1996 when we established PALS, one of the main aims was to be a VOICE for all those professionals who work with students with learning difficulties or had a special learning need. We have many opportunities to be heard as a member of the Professional Teachers’ Council NSW (PTCNSW). On all issues relating to our role we attempt through representation on committees, through forums and through letter writing and submissions to have our voice heard. At a time when changes are being made to policies and funding our voice needs to be heard.

You Want To Be Up To Date

Through our newsletters and website we will let you know about seminars, resources, conferences and the latest research relating to our area of work. Our seminars give you an opportunity to hear speakers who are at the forefront of their field and give you an opportunity to meet others in your area. All notes from these presentations are made available to all members so regional members don’t miss out. Our seminars that are NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) endorsed count towards your accreditation.